Missing Men


There’s a hollow knocking in my chest and
It’s so foreign, so empty, like tuning into the radio static
No matter how hard I listen it just isn’t real
Like a machine in my core pumping cold and methodic

See I’m a man without a heart and
Not because I haven’t tried looking cause I’ve
Torn away piece by piece–shredded my flesh just to find it
Something’s missing; I’m missing.

And am I alone or are there more missing men
Missing dreams, missing hopes missing courage missing hearts
Lost in the oblivion and

And is it just me crawling around this
Empty space called a home but missing the vital source the spirit that made it so?
Or are there others knocking–pounding–on these white-washed rib-cage walls
Trapped and searching for what made them whole…

See I’m daring to long and not go along with the mechanical beats that would say I’m alive
Because inside I know it’s all really a lie
There’s nothing in there but a hollow lump of dust keeping time
The real me isn’t here it’s lost, I’m here but just a mime

So this goes out to the missing men,
Missing dreams, missing hopes missing courage missing HEARTS…

Dreams, hopes, courage, hearts…

If we banded together to fill in those empty gaps that
Let out so much breath and life and purpose from our being
What if we layed down our flesh to cover our brother and we
Took up our search not for our hearts but for another’s
Do you think that perhaps more eyes than just mine
Can find what I’m missing, before I die, just in time

Because we’re one in this disease and it’s about time that we see
The only person that can find the True You in time… is the real Me.