There’s a phrase I learned several years back in a seminar which (the seminar, that is) really stretched my boundaries (for a few weeks, anyway) and had quite a strong impact on my life. It made me stop and reevaluate my, well…values.

The phrase was, “If better is possible, is good good enough?”

Think about that for a minute.

From a Christian standpoint I immediately think about the son who ended up prodigal in a pigpen after squandering his inheritance. After becoming hungry enough to eat the slop given to the pigs this guy had an epiphany: “Hey, even being a servant in my father’s house is better than this…”

But the honest truth is, I can’t identify with that young man. I didn’t have a miraculous and life-changing turn-around testimony like I envied other Christians for. I didn’t get and squander what I believed was my rightful inheritance. The truth is, I identify with his older brother.

The brother. The brother stays home, he keeps working away on the farm. And one day that selfish, unworthy little brother of his comes home and Father throws a party. The older brother is angry because he doesn’t understand that both he and his brother always had their father’s favor, irregardless, and all this time he had not really known who his father was and what his relationship to Father meant. As someone once pointed out, he could’ve had more than just a goat if he’d only asked.

So what does this have to do with good and better, anyway?

I started there but I didn’t end there. I’ve dared to believe that my inheritance is more than I knew. I slowly left a bitter good for a gracious better. And I got the goat, too. Good just wasn’t good enough when I dared to think better was possible. And my forever-faithful Father didn’t let me down on his word.

But there are other brothers.

There are people out there who I know heard the same challenge for better. And they aren’t even interested in seeing what it’s all about.

I’ll be Frank for a minute (because what I’m going to say I may need an alternate identity to live down), I’ve heard what I believe described as, loosely put, doctrine of hell. By people who I have a very hard time believing know really what I believe because they’ve never talked to me. Maybe they’ve read some of my article titles and/or excerpts on facebook, but I can’t begin to guess where they have gotten their information if what they have taken away is that I am teaching a satanic, ungodly doctrine. Is there room for mistakes? Sure. I make mistakes, everybody does. But all that’s beside the point. The point is, better is possible, but so many older brothers out there are sulking outside the house because they’ve believed an exclusive doctrine all their lives that told them, ‘You don’t deserve that goat, you go back out and slave some more in the fields and then, maybe you’ll be on Dad’s good side. Or maybe if you believe hard enough, or faith strong enough.

Better is possible. Better is real. It isn’t something that will send you to hell if you believe it; it isn’t something that will get God mad at you. It’s grace, and love, and peace, and there’s always more. So do you want to hear about it?

5 thoughts on “Better Is Possible

    1. That’s so true, and lots of people are scared to try for better. The church I grew up in believes they are the ‘true’ denomination and that everybody not in the church is going to hell, it’s a system that breeds people that are scared–absolutely terrified in some cases–to even question whether there could be better, or anything else besides the church. It’s barely even good, but it’s safe so it looks better.
      But Father made us for better and better, and he’ll take us there if we dare (:
      Thanks for stopping by (:

  1. Yes I agree. Well said. The Holy Spirit has been digging deep on me to understand grace which it has been clear I don’t truly. It is a little scary when you come from that background. Deep inside you know the truth, you can feel the peace of the promise of grace. Your point of the brothers ties in with another path that God is working on me so I will be prayerfully laying it at His feet and waiting for how He wants to use this in where He is calling me. Thanks so much for getting out here and writing all this. I am so blessed to use a clique word but really. My favorite verse is Hebrews 10:24 and this and other things you have written have spurred me on. Thanks for listening to the Spirit and putting it out here. I will truly look forward to your posts.

    1. Thanks for stopping by (:
      Grace has been such a journey for me–an adventure, really, that has so opened and freed me and given me a totally fresh new perspective on the good news. At the end of the day remember, Father loves you, he is for you and he won’t easily let a questioning heart receive a wrong answer.
      That’s a great verse! (and a wonderful chapter which I clung hard to while sorting out my childhood denomination), I love the assurance that Father is for me, and that he can be trusted to keep his promises, and he already delivered on that one (: ‘for by that one offering he forever made perfect those who are being made holy’
      Have a wonderful weekend!

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